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Devised Performance evaluation - 20 per cent (40 marks)

What do I need to do?

The practical work on the drama stimuli [stimuli: In drama, stimuli refer to the drama texts (photos, texts, video etc) you have been given to work with ] you're using will form the basis of your devised practical evaluation. This is where you show how you've chosen your ideas and style, refined and developed your ideas through the rehearsal process and how you evaluate your final performance. It should be up to 1,500 words.

When will I write these?

You will be directed to write these in school while your teacher is supervising you. You will be given a total of five hours. Your teacher will probably divide these hours up over a number of lessons.

Will I have a chance to prepare for writing them?

After each practical lesson, it’s a good idea to write some notes about what you did (including what drama strategies, drama mediums and elements of drama you used during the session). This task may be set as homework. You will be able to use basic notes whilst writing your assessment but you will not be given the opportunity to redraft your work.

Will my teacher be able to help me during the written assessment?

No. This should be treated as a GCSE written exam.

What will I be expected to write in the evaluation?

The evaluation is divided into three parts:

  • Rationale
  • Development
  • Performance.

What should I include in each part?


This section carries 10 marks.

It should include:

  1. Your reasons for your choice of stimuli and style/practitioner.
  2. You should discuss any live theatrical performance you have seen and how they influenced your own work.

You will need to evaluate your own contribution and ideas during the early stages.


This section carries 20 marks.

It should include:

  1. The development of your chosen skill (acting or technical)
  2. How you developed them, eg What explorative strategies [explorative strategies: Eight individual techniques used in drama work to explore the possibilities of the drama. ] did you use: cross cutting, hot- seating etc.
  3. How the group developed ideas throughout the rehearsal period eg Did the structure of the devised work change? How? Did it improve?
  4. What problems did you encounter? How did you overcome them?
  5. What strategies did you develop in rehearsal to show your chosen style or practitioner?
  6. What technical did you decide to use? Why and where did you use them?


Remember this section carries the most marks and should have more information.


This section carries 10 marks.

It should include:

  1. An evaluation of your individual performance/technical design.
  2. The whole group’s performance.
  3. The different technical elements used and how successful they were during the performance.
  4. How successful the performance was in showing your chosen stimuli and style.

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