Thesis Statement On Love And Lust

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...Love vs. Friendship Love is a four letter word that until now has provided a lot of meanings and descriptions. It can be anything really, from an emotion to an affection and dedication. It can be your love for your parents. Love for God. Love for your friends and the long list goes on. Love symbolizes a lot of things and is described in a lot of ways. Love represents a lot of things. It is a universal thing. But probably the most dominant understanding of love to the common is the beating of one’s heart for another person. Romantic Love. Friendship is a certain bond between two people. Like acquaintances. It is the word that describes your relationship with your friend. The trials and experiences you had and the moments you chose to treasure forever. They can be from your closest classmates, workmates, and friends of friends. There are a lot of words that go well together. But does Love and Friendship mix well? It can actually. It all depends on the beholder. It depends on how he or she handles it and it also depends on his or her perception of the two simple but meaningful words. Do they see them as just words? Symbols? Signs? Codes? It doesn’t really matter that much. But what matters most? When you have Love, Friendship comes in a second. It becomes a little bit neglected. It dries out in your part when you are too much occupied with love. In friendship, being without love may seem like there’s a missing puzzle piece in your life. To others that are feeling loved so......

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...Love vs. Lust Although love is the most common term for a person to express his/her attraction to someone, but love can be just a layer covering lust underneath, which creates a mixed feeling that could lead to unwanted situation. Love is a strong feeling of affection for another person. In Martin Luther Kings’s Pilgrimage to Nonviolence he indicated to different kinds of love; it can be eros, philia and agape love. Philia love is the kind of love that is purely of any romantic or sexual feelings. This is the kind of feelings that we have towards our neighbors, friends, and the people around us whom we are fond of. Eros love is known as romantic love. Agape love is the unconditional love or disinterested love for example the kind of love that God have towards us or love we have for our community and we do not wait for anything back. In contrary, lust is the urge or passionate to want to have someone mostly for sexual satisfaction. This kind of feeling is usually evident between individuals of the opposite gender. For lust to exist, love need not be present. Actually, lust can be termed as the opposite of love and it focuses more on the physical aspects. Lust is not necessarily in the term of sexual feelings but also it is the urge to want to posses’ items like clothes for the purpose of lavishing it. It is possible for someone to have a mix feeling between love and lust. In love, people desire the best for those people they love and they would do anything to make them......

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Lust Is Easy, Love Is Hard, Like Is Most Important.

...And the whisper in the air says….. How real is the reality of the mere existence of love and its essence? The perspectives it follows differing from an age to another is funny when understood in the literal sense. Is the essence of love a mere butterfly in a teenage girl’s tummy or the heavy heartedness of the bride when he promises to keep her happy for the clichéd rest of their lives? A million different definitions still fails to facilitate a clear understanding of how it is to be in love? What are the promises made when in an illusion of being together, how are they made, why are they made? Why make a promise when you don’t know what it means or know how to keep one. It’s not a result of others I have seen or felt in my life till now, but it’s from who I am as a being and done things myself. It’s an experience I felt within myself, absolutely nobody to blame. I gave promises with a hope to keep them and never to damage them..But then eventually they were damaged and without the slightest of my conscious I, not just hurt the people I loved from my heart but hurt myself in the end. How did it happen when all I thought was everything is going the way it has to? Do things really go the way it has to..Is there really a way that has been said by the gods or the philosophers or whoever..?A way how things must and should go or is it just simple karma? If it is karma then why is there the existence of regret? When we were born, just entering into this wild world with the most......

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...of Weapons Love vs. Sex Mike Lago Prof. Inestroza ENG210: Latin American Literature February 21st, 2013 Sex, it can be a casual encounter between two people, or it can be that magical moment where two come together and make something more out of their relationship. The science behind it can get far too complicated, but when the sparks fly it is a moment most do not forget. Leading into now the stories written by Luisa Valenzuela. Her female characters all experience sexual encounters one way or another, some much more pleasant then others. The difference of some of their encounters differs greatly though. Some experienced true lovemaking, where emotions soared. Others had a casual encounter where pleasure was the only concern of both parties involved. In the essay, I Am Your Horse in the Night; Luisa Valenzuela tells the story of a young girl who is clearly very much in love with a guerilla fighter in the dirty war in Argentina. When she hears the knock on the door, her stomach drops. Is it really him? Is it her horse in the night? The door opens and there is her horse, with music and drink in hand. Risking everything to come see his true love. He does not fool around at all. He gets right to the point, Chiquita come with me, come to bed with me, he says. Many in our class described their relationship as purely sex. But why? Why would Beto come all the way from Brazil, just to have sex with a girl who he did not even love? To me, it......

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...Lust “Every man is tempted, when he is drawn away of his own lust, and enticed. Then when lust hath conceived, it bringeth forth sin: and sin, when it is finished, bringeth forth death.” - James 1: 14-15 Lust can often feel like a feeding frenzy, a strong animalistic urge to obtain satisfaction by any means necessary. Imagine for a moment what a shark must feel once he has picked up the scent of blood and begins to stealthily zero in on his prey, there is a moment of insanity that ensues. It is said that lust is about greed, a resilient yearning to please oneself. An alcoholic who takes his first drink after years of being sober is giving into the thirst, satisfying the urge to drink from the Devil’s cup, the ultimate example of how a weak mind can bend to the uncontrollable powers of desire. This emotion is an intense craving for something, a deep hunger, an insatiable sensation that must be fulfilled immediately. It can also be associated with obsession, for the mind of a stalker is habitually consumed with lust for the object of his affection. A man who secretly dreams of being with his best friend’s wife is a selfish man for he has allowed himself to become weak to the desires of the flesh. Christians consider lust to be sinful because their faith is based entirely on selflessness. They believe Jesus died on the cross to forgive them of their sins and that their purpose is to live life on Earth as righteously as possible. A scripture from Exodus 20:27 says, “You......

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...Love marriages being accepted Marriages are basically of two types – arranged and those based on mutual attraction between the partners. Arranged marriages were once common throughout the world, but today this institution mostly survives in the eastern countries such as India, China, and most Asian society. Love marriages are the norm in western countries where individual freedom and aspirations are considered more important than what the society, parents or relatives expect from a person. In an ideal arranged marriage scenario, the partners have a major say in arranged marriage. They give the final nod as to the choice of their spouse. However, things do not always go like this. All of a sudden you start your life with a person with you have hardly spend any time. You don’t know the person or you may even not like the person if you have go married because your parents and elders decided your marriage. Most of the cases the girl is forced to sacrifice their likes and adjust to the reality. Some may just live their life it goes believing its their fate and their parents are happy, but some break up. In many arranged marriages, the parents and relatives are often overbearing and try to force their child into a relationship he or she does not agree with. This can be a very difficult situation that may condemn the partners to living lifelong in a marriage that they are not happy with. In an arraigned marriage the blame is mostly on the parents and family members if things...

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...interesting short stories and I found that the theme of love kept appearing also with Tartuffe. Love comes in all different ways. I will discuss the theme of love in Winter Dreams by F. Scott Fitzgerald and What We Talk about When We Talk about Love by Raymond Carver. I saw that there was Lust and Love in these two stories. The word lust is defined as an intense longing or unbridled sexual desire.(lust). The word love is defined as a feeling of strong or constant affection for a person. (love). The difference between them is very simple, love is constant and lust is just an intense longing that can end anytime. A person is blinded when they lust for someone but true love is based on respecting each other and understanding each other’s likes and dislikes giving it a better chance to last longer. In Carver’s story, there are two relationships present that I want to go into more detail that will help show whether love or lust is stronger. In Fitzgerald’s story, one man is in love with a woman who doesn't love him and ends up losing a woman for his future. I chose these two stories because they were able to give a variety of love that is present in our world today. Raymond Carver’s title to his story, What We Talk about When We Talk about Love, just seems like a dead end already before you can even start reading. It already gives an obvious idea of what the story is about. Throughout the story Mel does his very best to figure out what love is, while they sit around a table......

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...People have two major organs, the heart and the brain. When dealing with love, we have to follow your heart, because even though it’s on the left side of the body, it’s always right. However, people often make the mistake of confusing “lust” with “love”. We often think we are in love with something or someone we know we can never have, but it is just lust. What is love? Love has multiple meanings. Love is an intense feeling of deep affection. Love is a person or thing that one loves. Love is a feeling of a deep romantic or sexual attachment to someone. Love is also a four letter word that is constantly tossed around like a game. Someone will experience “real” love and be in love. However, there is a difference between lust and love. Webster defines love as an “attraction that includes sexual desire: the strong affection felt by people who have a romantic relationship.” 1 Corinthians 13 defines love as “and now abideth faith, hope, love, and these three: but the greatest of these is love.” Lust is something like being a friend, but we aren’t in a relationship. Lust is beyond a friend level, but less than a relationship. We often lust over superstars, because we can’t have celebrities. Lust can be friends with benefits. Lust is more of a physical attraction and has no lasting effect. Lust can be very selfish. “Passion, greed, covetousness, hatred, lust: these emotions dominate the soul, causing blindness and leading to destruction.”...

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Compare the Ways in Which Chaucer and Duffy Convey the Ideas About Lust and Love

...Convey the Ideas about Lust and Love Chaucer’s ‘Wife of Bath’s Tale’ is a medieval text set in a patriarchal society in which women were treated in an unequal manner. In contrast to the social factors in medieval society, Chaucer’s story is dominated by women, making this a matriarchal story which presents themes of women‘s independence. This idea is accentuated due to the fact that the Wife of Bath narrates the story. The main character of the knight who reflects the personality of promiscuous males in the medieval period who were mostly lustful towards woman and the roles between men and women showed inequality. Conversely, Duffy’s poems are contemporary in contrast to Chaucer’s patriarchal influence in his story, there is more of a sense of equality as she is a modern feminist author which presents the genders in the poems ‘Adultery’ and ‘Valentine’ in a quite ambiguous nature. The reader is unable to understand if the narrative voice is a male or a female. As a result the gender of the narrator in ‘Adultery’ and ‘Valentine is ambiguous. In addition, due to the ambiguity her poems, primarily ‘Valentine’ as she compares love to an onion and does this by using imagery, symbolism and choice of lexis. Both Chaucer and Duffy present ideas about lust and love in their work. However, Chaucer presents the idea of love in a medieval fairy tale which is more idealistic as the story ends on a happy note. By contrast Duffy presents the idea of lust and love in a modern setting......

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Love vs War

...Love VS. War In Tim O’ Brien short story “The Things They Carried”, Tim shares his memories with the reader about the war and the items some of the soldiers carried. Each solider had specific items that they were required to carry for the war, but they also carried things that were important and meaningful to them. The reader could tell that the items were important because no matter how much weight the soldiers already had to carry, they made room for more. Most of the soldiers carried a limited amount of an item that had the same meaning or belonged to the same person. However, Lieutenant Jimmy Cross carried multiple items who belonged a women by the name of Martha. He loves and cares for Martha in a way that she doesn’t love and care for him. Cross still has hope that she will start to have feelings for him but every time she writes him, the letters are friendly and chatty. The two of them met at a college in New Jersey and they went on a date together to watch a movie some time before Cross left for war. During that movie date, Cross tried to hold onto her knee but she pushed his hand off. Now, every time Cross fantasizes about Martha, he has thoughts about what he should’ve did the night after the movie date. Although the feelings aren’t mutual between the two, they still communicate through letters as friends. Majority of the items Cross carried were related to Martha and caused him to fantasize about her and the relationship he wished they had. Lieutenant......

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Lust Not Love

...Lust Not Love In the poem “Sex without Love” the poet Sharon Olds expresses the pure disgust she has for people who have sex without love. She feels that in the heat of the moment it might satisfy their need for love but in the end they just become unhappy once again that they haven’t found that one person to love. Sharon Olds expresses her feelings in her poems by using expressive and unique writing symbols. The first symbol she uses is “How do they do it, the ones who make love/ without love? Beautiful as dancers/ Gliding over each other like Ice Skaters/ over the ice, fingers hooked/ inside each others bodies, faces”. These parts of the poem first starts off where the poet is astonished by the fact people have a strictly physical relationship without any kind of true love. Just the sexual and lustful relationship they express for each other in the heat of the moment where lies the only passion the two have for one another. Another part of the poem, where the poets makes the heat of the moment a little more intense is when she recites, “give them away. How do they come to the/ come to the come to the God come to the”. This represents the two people have come to the climax of the lustful relationship. Where it leads to the end of their loveless relationship for each other and to their loneliness. This leads Mrs. Olds to her next statement, “Priest instead of the God. They do not/ mistake the lover for their own pleasure, / they are like great runners:......

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...Melissa Butler Dr. Mark Howell English 112 2/28/2016 Young Love vs Chanel No. 5 In today’s world we see advertisements such as billboards, benches or commercials on TV and almost everywhere else we go. Our society is constantly influenced by advertising. While enthusiastic people work hard to create their masterpiece of a commercial, most people try to avoid them due to the inconvenience of them interrupting their favorite TV show. Today they have become a part of our life and the competition to produce an effective commercial is always booming. A reason for the widening of advertising is certainly the stressful expectation to produce a unique representation of a product that stands out in the market, as well as selling the product itself. TV commercials are used to attract the audience and the producers spend a lot of money and time to obtain the attention of the viewer. The most glamorous commercials I feel are certainly those of perfumes. That is why I chose to do this paper on two perfume TV commercials and examine the features that are used to produce an effective advertisement. One will be a TV commercial of 1962 that deals with the perfume “Young Love” while the other represents the “Chanel No.5 “production of 2006. These are chosen to point out the difference with regard to the use of visuals and text that are important for the development of a commercial. A TV commercial usually consists of text, visuals and sometimes incorporates music. All these features......

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Love vs. Lust

... A human being has two major organs, the heart and brain. B. People make the mistake of confusing lust with love. II. One day in our lives will come that we have to stop for a moment. A. If you happen to skip a heartbeat. B. If you feel like you are lost in desire. III. love is not easy to describe. IV. lust is more of a carnal desire, and it does not rely on any rules. A. Lust can be misread as love. B. Lust can be very selfish. V. Lust can be a water down version of love. VI. Conclusion A. Is it love, or is it lustful feelings? 06 Aug 2011 Page. 1 LOVE Vs. LUST A human being has two major organs, the heart and brain. They are both in conjunction with each other, but not together as for they are distinct individuals. A heart is driven by pure feelings, as for the brain is fueled by bare thoughts. Many people make the honest mistake of confusing lust with love, but I have found a way to differentiate one versus the other. One day in our lives will come that we have to stop for a moment, and make the decision if we are driven by our heart or our brain. On that day we will look on to the eyes of our partner and decide if we are in love or lust. If you happen to skip a heartbeat as you gaze tenderly upon his/her eyes, then you are probably in love. On the other hand, if you feel like you are lost in desire, and crave for his/her touch, as you bite...

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Love Gives, Lust Takes

A relationship based on lust can be devastating. It’s impossible to know how many people’s lives have been really messed up because of lust. I do know lust has left a lot of people as hurting victims. Amy sent me a poem this week about lust. It’s pretty deep. Got me thinking. Thought you might like it.

I desire in moment not in the heart
I chose to spend a night with you,
But those hours were spent in lust,
I felt your passion,
Touched by dominance,
I felt something in me I stared into your eyes,
But after the moments over I begin to despise,
I have a heart that believes the words you say,
I don’t know how I will be able to walk away,
But I praise myself if I don’t think of you today.
My dreams wander to the person I love,
You constantly reappear,
I force myself to vomit thoughts of you,
I slip into sinful fantasies,
But the night is a painful reminder,
That I remain alone.- Amy

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Love is every bit as beautiful as lust is ugly. Lust causes so much confusion it can lead you in the opposite direction of where love is. So you go down the road of lust thinking you will find love only to find emptiness and a craving for more love. I appreciate the comment Dara sent me. Her words were honest, straight forward, and cold as ice. That’s what lust will do to you turn you into someone as cold as ice.  I hate being alone and find lust more easily then love. Lust does hurt, each and every time. I know what the outcome will be and [yet] I still touch the hot stove with my bare hand. Maybe for girls, all women, all ages that are dealing with and understanding what I’m saying I leave you with this one thought…… We have to LUST TO FIND LOVE, the world is cold and when we find something warm it feels so good so we lust. Lust to me is what you have to go through to find your love, the world isn’t a perfect place. Problem is lust seldom leads to love.

So what are the differences between love and lust that would make them such opposites? There are far too many differences for me to list in one blog, but a few will suffice.


Is a passionate and deep affection for the other person. 


Is an intense craving for sexual desire.


Is patient and can wait to give. As someone once said, True love waits.


Can’t wait to get. It is demanding and impulsive like someone screaming in your ear, I want it now!


Is a decision we make. It is an act of the will with undying commitment.


Is immersed in emotion and cravings that refuse to make a commitment that will last. 


Wants the best for the other person.


Wants to be with someone only for what they can offer you.


Doesn’t expect anything. Is unconditional.


Is conditional and will only survive if it gets what it wants.


Learns to trust.


Is jealous and suspicious.


Gives freedom to the other.


Seeks to control and manipulate.


Does not get angry easily.


Quickly turns to rage and attacks.


Always protects.


Takes to tear down and destroy.


Never rude but treats the other with immense respect.


Shows no respect and is cruel.


Is always kind looking for ways to show the other its true self.


Is always trying to hide its true nature by deceiving and manipulating.


It is true that lust causes confusion, sometimes fooling us and luring us into its trap. But most of the time, we recognize lust for what it is and choose to follow it blindly. Somehow we hope lust will bring us to a happy ending. It never does. It can’t. It does not know how. Lust will never change. It will always be what it is.

Love never changes either. Love wants to lead us to the right path where there is happiness, hope, and a deep sense of self respect. Love always gives because God is love. So ask yourself again, Am I in love or am I fooling myself all the while walking into the cruel trap of lust? The decision is ours and will always be so. Will we walk down the road of love or lust? How we answer this question will dictate what our lives will become. Choose love.

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Dawson McAllister (born in New Kensington, Pennsylvania) is an American speaker, radio host, and author. He is the founder of Dawson McAllister Association and TheHopeLine and host of the national radio program Dawson McAllister Live, which is aired on Sunday nights. Dawson has been speaking to and in support of teenagers and young adults for over 40 years.


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