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My favourite animal

The cheetah is my favourite animal. It is a member of the 'Big Cat' family. It is a mammal that lives in jungles. The cheetah's legs are very long and powerful. It is so powerful that it can accelerate faster than a sports car. Its feet hardly touch the ground while sprinting. Then we know it is chasing prey.

Its spine is stretchy and flexible, it has a very long tail which gives him balance. Its favourite food is meat. Once it knocks its prey to the ground, it makes a killer bite at the throat. It then rests and gets its breath back before eating its dinner. It is the only cat that can't use its claws to tear the meat but uses them like spiked running shoes to give a good grip for sprinting.

A mother cheetah may have up to eight cubs in one litter. Like all cats, the cubs are born blind and helpless, so the mother hides them in long grass.

They are often attacked by lions. Their mothers teach them to sense danger and how to be safe. I think it is a wonderful creature of the animal kingdom.

Rajiv Widyaratne (Grade 6)
President's College,

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A new member in my family

It was a long wait, almost ten months. A lot of excitement and suspense. The entire family was waiting for the arrival of this new member.

We didn't know whether it was going to be a boy or a girl. We started preparing early. We bought new baby clothes, a cot, pram, nappies and so on. We had to buy it in different colours.

I know my mother went to see the doctors very often. A lot of tests and check ups were done. The date was coming closer and closer. It was after my semester exam.

We didn't know what names to keep. We browsed the internet to list the names. At last we selected five names.

On March 29, my mother was admitted to hospital. On March 30, my father told us that a new baby girl was born. That afternoon, I went to the hospital, she was cute. Now, I'm happy because I have someone to play with.

Ashvin Umasudhan
Lyceum International

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A little puppy dog

A little puppy dog,
Beside the busy road,
Nobody looks at him,
Even for a second.

Howling and howling,
Howling for hunger,
Howling for thirst,
Nobody still looks.

As the cars were busy,
A man came across the road,
He saw the poor puppy dog,
And here is what he said.

"Oh you little puppy dog,
You look so hungry,"
Then he gave some food,
And water too.

How glad the puppy dog was,
The man was happy to see,
Then he remembered about,
His little puppy dog.

The puppy dog wanted to tell,
That he was his little puppy dog,
Then the man remembered,
That this puppy dog was his.

Salome Fernando
(10 years)
Gateway College,

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A rainy day

On a Monday night the lights went just after I brushed my teeth. A heavy rain came with shivering thunder so we slept soon. When I was in bed I thought that my parents won't take me to school on Tuesday because of the rain today. But next morning my mother soon woke me up.

My mother got late to iron the uniforms and make us food because of the electricity cut and the lights came at six o'clock. It was still raining. We did our work very quickly and it was late when we left from home.

The trees were waving and some were falling and the birds were going here and there, very excited. People were shouting because of the flood. We went very slowly because of the flood and there was a big traffic jam. The people going by foot were washed by the vehicles going fast. It was the first flood I ever saw.

Sascha Wickramasinghe
Vidura College

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Poem Of The Week

The true story

I was coming back from school
When suddenly I stopped
There was a huge crowd
Staring at a rock!!

I thought they were crazy
But then I found out
The 'rock' was not a real rock
For then it gave a shout!!!

An alien came out
And it stared at me
I started to run really fast
'Cause it looked so scary.

It chased and I ran and ran
Till I couldn't anymore
I never noticed the cliff…
I was sitting on the floor.

I looked around and saw my room
I had fallen off the bed
Then I knew it was a dream
So then I stood on my head.

Nivethitha Shanmuganathan
(10 years)
Ladies College


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