06.01 Economic Relationships Assignment

06.01 Economic Relatonships-ProjecT MilesTone WHA± NEEDS ±O BE FILLED OU± : ParT 1: GROUP MEMBERS/±OPIC, PAR± 2: RESEARCH, PAR± 3: CIRCULAR FLOW Lesson Summary All people connect in economic ways. We can represent these relaTonships in a circular-fow diagram. ±his diagram shows the movement oF products, resources, and ²nances between various economic sectors. Make sure to review the interacTve chart on the lesson summary page: ParT 1: Choose IdenTFy an economic issue that is important in your community (where you live) PoTental Economic Policy ±opics  Water scarcity • Homeless  SanitaTon Recycling  Climate change • Erosion  Animal overpopulaTon • Hazardous waste  Air polluTon • Public ±ransportaTon  Energy conservaTon • Chemical saFety  Water polluTon • MalnutriTon  Biodiversity • PopulaTon/Food supply

Jenny Mead5/8/16 06.01 Economic relationshipsWater pollutionResearch notes1.We rely on clean water to survive; there, we need to protect our water from pollution. Water pollution has a negative impact because it contaminates the water making it unhealthy for consumption. Ingestion of the chemicals in the polluted water could lead to disease. Nonetheless, water pollution also creates more jobs which have a positive effect on our economy.2.Members of my community believe that pollution is bad for our health; however as long as controlled, it is beneficial to increasing the amount of jobs available.Chart Analysis The issue if water pollution affects the government, households, business firms, and the rest of the world differently; however, they all work together in unison. Local residents benefit by receiving purified water and more jobs as well as income. If we do not use irrigation systems then the health of local citizens are at risk. Business firms establish businesses to get rid of water pollution through purchasing equipment n exchange for

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