My Village Essay For Kids

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A School for My Village by Twesigye Jackson Kaguri Essay

925 WordsMar 28th, 20134 Pages

The book is expressing a concern to meet the needs of education in a country that lacks quality education. Jackson Kaguri saw a need and along with the help of some faithful supporters made a reality out of a dream.
The book had me sitting on the edge waiting to see if it was going to be a success or a failure. There were times I felt sympathy for the people of Uganda because of all the sufferings that they endure. I loved how Jackson helped whoever came before him just as he saw his brother tending to the people’s needs. I felt sympathy to know that there are those people who still shun the help that’s offered like the kid Olivia, who did not want to attend another school. I also felt sad for those who wanted to learn but had HIV like…show more content…

She had nothing but the idea that school was important. When I think of someone who lost their parents and has to stay with relatives, who doesn’t have running water, who doesn’t know where their next meal is coming from but gets excited about reading a book and going to school but passes away. That part of the book did get some emotions going in me.
Jackson was raised in a family that had its ups and downs but had the support of a father that they thought was mean. His mother was a hard working person who took good care of her children. His father was a hardworking man who demanded a lot of his kids. Jackson admitted that he would never have accomplished very much without Taata. His iron-fisted stubbornness had shaped me as surely as Maama’s loving arms. It showed that Jackson had the same disadvantages as did the others in his family and Uganda. But every challenge Jackson came up against seemed to make him better.
The book was also written I think to show the life of children in Africa who are born into a world of poverty. Most families live off 2 dollars a day ad are not able to send their kids to school Parents of most kids are dying because of the slim(HIV).
Raising money for the school proved to be as challenging as everything else. They had there loyal ones like Stephen Lewis Foundation grant, The generous Kampala supporters, the Global Fund for Children, and Indiana Friends of Nyaka raising money each

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