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Comparison/contrast essay topics: Urban and rural lifestyles

Big cities form a highly competitive environment that attracts people due to availability of all modern facilities and job opportunities, whereas rural areas and small towns, although providing people with fewer opportunities, remain less overcrowded, less polluted, and more favorable for healthy lifestyles due to proximity to nature and close human contacts. Unlike city dwellers who have almost no hobbies, the inhabitants of small towns always find time to manifest creativity and go in for sports on a regular basis. In addition, village dwellers are familiar with each other, whereas urban dwellers are usually apart from each other, so that they do not even try to become acquainted with their neighbors.

Major thesis statements:
1) In terms of lifestyle, urban areas are more favorable for work and professional progress, whereas small towns offer exciting leisure opportunities and relaxation.
2) Urban lifestyle is more nervous and costly, whereas rural dwellers learn to be content with uncomplicated daily joys.
3) Nowadays, some city dwellers decide on moving to suburban or rural areas for different reasons: child upbringing, health problems or their interest in certain areas for business purposes.

Primary issues to discuss:
1) Urban/rural lifestyles and spirituality. Introspection and creative reflection are idealized as rural insights. How relevant is this tendency today?
2) Are people friendlier in big cities or villages?
3) Compare small town rumors and urban stereotypes.
4) Which lifestyle - urban or rural - would you prefer?

Further Guidance

- Continue by reviewing some general information on comparison/contrast essays.
- Review brief summary on comparison/contrast essay topics.
- Also, review additional topics for comparison/contrast essays, including:
   > brief description of the suggested comparison/contrast essay topic;
   > possible thesis statements for the essay;
   > primary issues that can be discussed in the essay;
   > some readings and sources suggested by our writers for the topic.

Selected topics for comparison/contrast essay were split into two categories:
Urban v. rural life
Urban and rural infrastructures
Urban and rural lifestyles

Nature and seasons
Seasons as natural periods
Emerson and Pushkin

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This is a very special type of essay, which requires a scholar to research a certain problem or a question in a free manner. It is being written from a first person and shows the way the topic was explored step-by-step. Such assignment is a preparation to the future university papers like dissertations and theses. However, it is a lot easier as the writer should not necessarily reach any real conclusions; the paper just needs to be informative and consistent.

The structure of the paper may look simple from the first glance, but the content is far from being typical. As evident from any exploratory essay example, the work still includes a thesis statement and a hook; however, they do not resemble the same parts in an ordinary essay, as you do not need to follow any strict rules in your narrative. You can use this outline sample structure to organize the writing:

  • Introduction - gives necessary background information and presents the subject of research.
  • Body paragraphs - show what you used to study the problem and the variety of viewpoints regarding it.
  • Conclusion - restates the topic of discussion, shows what point of view you prefer, and leaves a reader with something to think about.

Such example of the structure is widely used in essays of any type. However, what really matters in the process of writing an exploratory essay is how these sections will flow and continue one another. It is really difficult to make a smooth transition between paragraphs when the writing is a mix of a story and research. Also, it is hard to stay professional while assessing the material that has been gathered. However, you do not need to do everything on your own. Our writers will gladly help you make your paper perfect. Order the work from Pro-Papers and forget about all of your writing troubles. We have experience in different types of papers and are able to handle the task of the highest complexity, so you will surely receive a good reflective essay from us.

Paperwork is a curse of every student regardless of age or place of living. Schools, colleges, and universities are obsessed with writing assignments of different kinds, and their diversity is impressive, especially when it comes to essays. Just when you think that there cannot possibly be any other type, teachers magically come up with a new form that drastically differs from the previous ones. Therefore, students are often confused when they receive a task because they don’t really know how to write an exploratory essay and what it takes to do it. However, it is easier to understand how to write when you know what you are expected to include.

The first thing you need to focus on is a topic. Teachers rarely give them out, leaving students some space for creativity. There are certain requirements for the topic choice, as you need to pick only debatable and controversial ones to have an opportunity to gather different opinions and discuss how valid and logical they are. It is better to avoid overused topics like global warming, gun control, or abortion. Teachers read hundreds of such essays each year, and you can hardly bring anything new to these problems. There are plenty of exploratory essay topics, and you should not limit yourself to a standard set. Think of something interesting for both yourself and your readers like music or identity issues. These subjects are broad enough to choose from and are always replenished with new data. Also, your teacher might have a few good exploratory essay topics in mind, so if you are completely stuck making a choice, try asking him or her for help.

When the decision is made, you have to conduct a research and look through as many sources as you possibly can. It is important to choose a few relevant ones that include different or opposite opinions. Each body paragraph of your paper will focus on one informational piece at once and include your personal evaluation. Your paper needs to provide a reader with details and examples to show that you have studied the topic thoroughly.

It is better to finish the paper restating the question or a problem. The conclusion may say what you have learned from the research and what your opinion about the problem is. Also, this work may have raised other questions, and you can briefly discuss them in this part. Basically, you can conclude the paper in any way you want as long as you keep your audience interested.

Eventually, it is important to check whether the format of the paper is correct and if the structure is logical. You can look up a template to help yourself with an outline, or our support team can send you a good one. Also, you can count on Pro-Papers writers to proofread and edit your paper. Make your paper flawless with a professional help of experts from the best essays writing service.

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