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Raksha Bandhan Essay: In this article of today we will read simple and clear language written an essay on our sacred festival Raksha Bandhan with its importance. Before starting this article, you would like to tell that the Raksha Bandhan Festival is on Monday, August 7. (Read More: Raksha Bandhan 2017 )Let’s take a look at our subject and read this article.

Essay on Raksha Bandhan

Our country is a country of festivals. Here, we have a traditional festival every three days. Mainly Holi, Deepawali, Dusshera, Eid, Vaishakhi, Christmas are our main festival throughout the year. Raksha Bandhan, also known as the festival of Rakhi in the colloquial language.

On the day of Raksha Bandhan, all the sisters pray for their brother’s safety. The brothers also promise about sacred relations with their sisters. Sisters tie Rakhi on the brothers’ hands. Brothers offer the gift for their sister.

This festival of Raksha Bandhan is celebrated every year throughout the country on the full moon day of the Shravan month of the Hindu calendar. About a month before the festival, Craftsmen are engaged in making various colored Rakhi. Out of the colorful and brightly colored ones, sister chooses the best Rakhi for her brother.From the crowded market, the sister purchases the Rakhi and sweets for her brother.

On the day of Rakshabandhan in the rural areas, the sissy also offers coconut with Rakhi, which is considered a symbol of purity. The tradition of being honored with great respect Rakhi has been going on for centuries.

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On the occasion of Rakshabandhan, the sister makes a rakhi or yarn thread on her brother’s wrist, wishing for the longevity of her brotherhood. When and where it started, the exact description is not found in history.

It is said that in the medieval period, ruler Bahadur Shah of Gujarat attacked Chittodrad.At that time, the responsibility of the protection of the fort was in the hands of Queen Karmavati. Due to no sudden attack, he did not understand what to do.

On the other hand, they did not have enough army force to face the Bahadur Shah army.In the state of confusion, Karmavati sent Rakhi to Mughal ruler Humayun of Delhi and pleaded for immediate help. It is believed that the day was the full moon of Shravan and from this day the people of Chittoor started celebrating the Rakhi festival, Raksha Bandhan.

This affection and sanctity of the siblings is an outstanding gift to society and culture.From this festival, we meet our glorious past and civilization, with the inspiration to follow the truth and the path of humanity we get from these festivals. In the year 2017, the auspicious time of Rakhi Bandh is assumed to be the proper time of Rakhi Randhana from 1st.

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Importance: By the tradition of celebrating Rakshabandhan, the tradition of love, brotherhood and brother sister’s brighter relationship gets more emphasis in society. Where in today’s scientific era some religions have forgotten the importance of this relationship, at least in our society Rakshabandan contributes immensely in preventing such disorders from getting stronger.

Due to its unique tradition, today’s Indian civilization and cultures are considered as the best in the world,

We are going ahead with the changes in our original rituals in a timely manner, in which other festivals including Rakshabandan are a major contributor. Before concluding the essay on Rakshabandhan, you have extended a lot of greetings and good wishes to all the brothers and sisters from the Rakshabandhan festival on our behalf.

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Raksha Bandha & we all also know it with the name of Rakhi. It is a sacred bond formed by the thread of social, mythological, religious and historical sense, which is celebrated in the name of Rakshabandhan, in the name of the whole moon of Sarvan Mas not only in India but also in Nepal and Mauritius, with great glee and Enthusiasm. Rakshabandhan, i.e. the desire for protection, such a bond that exists on this creation since ancient times. For the protection of Indrani for Indra, the yag or the queen Karmavati, the right of protection is sent to Humayun, and the promise of protection for sister in entire India is a good gift, the festival of Raksha Bandhan.

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Essay & Speech on Raksha Bandhan (Rakhi) for School Students in English

India is a country of festivals. Various types of festivals are celebrated here. Every festival has its special significance. Rakshabandhan is a festival symbol of brother-sister love. It is also a festival festival of India’s Guru-disciple tradition. It is a sacred festival to esteem the importance of charity.

The festival of Raksha Bandhan is celebrated on the day of Shravan Purnima. In the month of Shravan, the Rishigans used to study and offer sacrifices in the ashram. The Shravan-Purnima was fulfilled in the form of a monthly sacrifice. At the end of the sacrifice, the practice of tie-up the hosts to the hosts and the disciples was custom. Hence its name is known as Prevention of Defense. In keeping with this tradition, Brahmin still keeps his hosts safeguarding. Later this same defense-formula started to be called Rakhi. Braving the formula on the wrist, the Brahmins pronounce the following mantra:

Yen Bindho Bali Raja, Danvendro Mahabal!

ten tawa parti Bachami! Rakshe ma chal ma chal!

That is, the instrument of defense (Rakhi) was tied to the high-blooded monster Rajya Bali, I bind you. O Goddess! You too do not dash with your duties, that is, to protect it from everything else.

Nowadays Rakhi is considered to be the festival of brother and sister. The sisters wait for this festival from the month before. On this occasion, married sisters maternal in-laws and organize rakhi banding on the wrist of the brothers. They apply tilak on their forehead and bind them with a rakhi. Brother gives happiness to the sister by giving some gifts. Love gives new clothes and money. The family has a sense of happiness. In the hands of older children, the defense-threads are tied. Special dishes are made in the house.

On the occasion of Rakshabandhan, there is a special initiative in the market. With colorful hawkers, shops are more rigid. People buy different types of Rakhi. There is a lot of crowd at the confectionery shop. People take gifts and buy sweets packets for use at home.

On the day of Shravan Purnima, special puja is performed in the temples. People come to Jalgaon to carry water to Shivaji while walking miles. The scene of walking with a crowbar on the brow is very unique. This trip brings great pleasure. Shravani Mela seems to be held at several pilgrim centers. There are puja lessons and havan programs in the house. Donation has been recognized as a special significance of Raksha Bandhan. This is called the virtue of virtue, it is said. People feed the bunches and give them new clothes. The pandit is supplied to the Purites and donations are given to Dakshina.

Rakshabandhan is a festival that foster family gathering and reconciliation. All members of the family are gathered on this occasion. Married sisters come in contact with my maternal uncle. The memories of childhood become alive in his mind. Children and girls dressed in new clothes, dressed in the courtyard. The sister binds the rakhi in the brother’s wrist and promises her protection. Brother follows this promise. In this way, there is strongness in family relationships. People begin to give importance to mutual love by forgetting the past tears.

In this way, the festival of Rakshabandan works to increase love and brotherhood in the society. It is a unique festival throughout the world. In this we get a glimpse of the ancient culture of the country.

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History Behind the Raksha Bandhan

Although the context may vary from ancient times, but in every context, the light of protection has started to ignite. For the purpose of the protection of the ancient times, Brahmin used to wear Kshatriya kings for protection, where powerful and wealthy people like Raja and Zamindar used to give them protection as well as useful things in life.

According to our mythological belief, once the King Indra was attacked by demons, the power of King Indra started to falter. Then Indra’s wife Indraani, who was named Shashikala, prayed and prayed for God. Pleased with the penance of Indran, God gave Shashikala a defense formula. Indran built it in the right hand of Indra, due to this sacred protection formula, Indra gets conquered. On the day that this dakshatra was built, there was the full moon of Savan Mas on that day. This is probably why the festival of Raksha Bandhan is celebrated till today, the full moon of the seven months is celebrated.

If you mention the mythology, another interesting context related to Rakshabandhan is very important. Once the king sacrificed his ancestors by defeating all the gods by invading heaven with the power of penance, all the gods, including Indra, go to the refuge of Lord Vishnu and pray for their protection from the King Bali. Then Vishnu ji goes to Vaman Avtar to ask for a begging in the form of a Brahmin, and three pagans ask for donation. The King vows to give them land, only then Vaman Vishnu, in three stages, sends the entire sky, hail and earth and send the King Bali to the abyss. In the abyss, King Bali pleases Lord Vishnu with his devotion and take a pledge from him that Lord Vishnu will be in front of him day and night. Nishadji advises Lakshmi ji, who is disturbed when Vishnu is not coming back to Vishnu, that you make Raja Bali as brother and make her a savior. According to Narad ji, mother Lakshmi binds the bullocks and gives gifts to Lord Vishnu with her. It is a coincidence that even on this day there was a full moon day. Even today, in all religious rituals, the Brahmins recite a mantra to the host, which means that-

    “From the defense formula that was tied to the great powerful King Bali, I am tie you with the same thread, you never get distracted by your word”

The tradition of Rakshabandhan was also prevalent in the Mahabharata, where on the advice of Shri Krishna, soldiers and Pandavas were tied up with defense formulas. When the practice of Rakshabandan is talked about, the protector sent to Humayun by Queen Karmavati can not be ignored, which the Mughal emperor has understood and fulfilled.

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The festival of Rakshabandhan, which is enshrined in the spirit of mutual harmony and brother-in-law, is seen in many forms in India. The male members of Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh tied each other with saffron colored racks for mutual brother-in-law. In Rajasthan, Nandand ties his sister-in-law with a special type of rakhi called Lumbi. Many other places also flowing each other with rakhi, they trust one another. On this day eating dessert (dessert) among the various types of dishes and sweets is also of particular importance in the house. Many provinces celebrate this festival in a different style with the formula of defense. In Maharashtra, this festival is popularly known as Coconut Purnima or Shravani. South Indian Brahmins of Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Maharashtra and Ursisa are called Avni Avytam this festival. After bathing on the banks of the river or sea on many places this day, the rishis are honored and the new yajnavapav is held. The significance of this sacred festival of Raksha Bandhan becomes more and more as the journey of Amarnath is completed on this day, beginning with Guru Purnima.

Rabindranath Tagore, then, laid the festival of Rakshabandhan in the gorge of freedom. He said that Rakhi is not a festival of brother and sister, but it is a festival of innocence, a feast of brother-in-law. Whereby forgetting caste and religious discrimination, everybody vows for each other’s protection and is confined to the defense. Where Bharat Mata’s son forgets mutual discrimination and joins hands together for the independence of India and its upliftment

From the point of view of defense, this festival of Rakhi is a great honor to protect the country, protect the environment and protect people’s interests. There should be no objection to celebrate as a national festival from religious sentiment. In a vast country like India, the soldiers deployed on the border flowing in the country send a guard to the soldiers and wish their long life and success with their own security.

In this way, this festival celebrates the entire community of the people of the entire country. Organizes a big celebration on the festival of Rakshabandhan, then someone celebrates this festival in the house itself. Actually, Raksha Bandhan is a festival of North India, but considering its importance, people throughout India celebrate it according to their wishes. Like other festivals celebrated in India, Rakshabandhan is also celebrated with great fanfare.

In this way, the festival of Rakhi makes the relationship between brother and sister stronger.

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Raksha Bandhan Essay in Hindi

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