Marine Parks Argumentative Essay Outline

Sorting arguments into topics and paragraphs

Below are the beginning sections of three paragraphs on the issue, Should marine mammals be kept in captivity in marine parks? Because they are the beginnings of the paragraphs they each present and problematise opposing arguments on the issue. Describe the topic of each paragraph in four words or less and write the description in the margin next to each paragraph. (You will need to print the page out - the blank lines are there for you to write on in Task 3 below).

Before you complete this task you might want to look back at the work on describing paragraph topics that you completed earlier in this unit.

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Below is a list of arguments that support the writer's main premise. Later (in Task 3) you will add them to the essay above. However, first they need to be sorted into the different topics that are covered by each paragraph so that you know which paragraph they can be added to.

The following abbreviations represent the different topics you identified in Task 1: Sort the following supporting arguments into the three topics by writing the correct abreviation in the boxes:

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Now the supporting arguments are sorted into the same topics as the pargraphs in the text in Task 1. You are ready to add them to the text. Add them to the text now. (If you haven't yet printed out this page do so now).

You will need to pay careful attention to the connectives in each of the supporting statements to complete this task correctly. You might want to look back at the pages that you studied earlier in this unit on:

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Should marine parks stay open or close down? Many people have been arguing this issue a lot lately. Keeping native wild animals in marine park is a very cruel and inhuman action and Bill Daly believes that closing down the marine parks is the best way for native wild animals to live free and continue to grow healthily. Marine Park Owners Association claimed that marine park could attract many foreign tourists and foster them to spend money which is an advantage for the economy. However, surveys of foreign tourists show that they come to Australia for the beautiful nature, they want to see those native wild animals in the natural environment, not in the marine parks. They have marine park in their own countries, they are not coming for the park. Dolphins and whales were born in the ocean. They belong to mother nature. It is very brutal to keep them in small ponds or aquarium while they should be in the ocean living with freedom. We, human being, could never create an environment that is identical or better than the

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