Rock Bridge High School Twitter Assignment

School Leadership


John Duellman, Principal

Jennifer Cavanaugh, Assistant Principal
Dawn Dickerson, Assistant Principal
Mike Fitzgerald, Assistant Principal
Kevin Terry, Director of School Counseling
Patrick McNanley, Athletic Director
Jason Treon, Assistant Athletic Director

Soraya RamirezBookkeeper





Susan Gorman, Attendance Secretary - 703-996-2102


Please report an absence at




Address and Contact Information

43460 Loudoun Reserve Dr. Ashburn, VA 20148

Main Office: 703-996-2100
Attendance Line: 703-996-2102 
Fax: 703-996-2101
School Counseling: 703.996.2107



School Board Members

Jill Turgeon, Blue Ridge District 

Jeff Morse, Dulles District

Joy Maloney, Broad Run District

Beth Huck, At Large Member




Parents’ names:

Jingyan Xia and Qi Zhang.


Post-graduation plans:

I will either be majoring in mathematics with computer science and minoring in statistics at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology or majoring in statistics at Yale University. Throughout college, I’d like to conduct research and study abroad! I definitely plan on going to graduate school after I finish undergraduate school.

Dream job:

I always thought as a kid that it would be cool to work for NASA. I love sci-fi and space exploration movies (“Interstellar” and “The Martian” in particular), and NASA would be the perfect environment to explore and investigate. I’m also a “STEMinist,” so I’d love to be an advocate and role model for other girls in STEM. Regardless of where I end up, I definitely plan on working in a STEM field.

Favorite class in high school:

My favorite class in high school was AP Physics 2 with Mr. Malcolm Smith. The class was smaller than a typical class at Rock Bridge, but my classmates and I got super close because of it. We all worked (struggled) together on assignments, but learning how to collaborate is incredibly important in STEM fields. We did numerous hands-on activities, and Mr. Smith always made class interesting and lighthearted with his jokes.

Favorite club or extracurricular in high school:

My favorite extracurricular was Emerald Regiment, the competitive marching band at Rock Bridge. In the summer and fall, we prepare a field show to perform at football games and marching competitions. The people in Emerald Regiment were all incredibly diverse but determined in perfecting our field show, and it was amazing to be a part of a team working towards a common goal.

Proudest accomplishment in high school:

Directly managing March Mathness, a math contest that Rock Bridge’s Mu Alpha Theta chapter hosts for fourth and fifth graders. I was president of MAO this past year, and this year’s March Mathness was the biggest yet — over 220 participants! I love seeing the event and the organization grow, especially since MAO is relatively new at Rock Bridge. It’s heartwarming to see the kids have a blast playing at the booths and having fun with math.

Best advice you’ve ever received:

It’s okay to make mistakes as long as you learn from them.

Biggest lesson learned in high school:

I constantly tell this to my younger friends, but you don’t have to be perfect! Forget being well-rounded and focus on what you’re passionate on — be a “well-lopsided” student. After all, you can’t major in five completely different areas! Colleges and employers look for individuals who show clear work and eagerness in the area they’re interested in. Don’t be afraid to pursue your interests and don’t feel pressured to participate in everything.

Future goals:

I’ve always wanted to travel around the world with my mom. I grew up watching adventure movies in faraway exotic lands with my her, so we really want to explore the countries that we’ve seen on film. It would be amazing to visit every country, but since there are monetary and time restrictions, I’ll settle for visiting every continent.

Favorite teacher:

Mrs. Gwen Struchtemeyer! She’s a phenomenal and reliable mentor to many students. I’m incredibly grateful for all the time and energy she invests into her students. She offers ACT tutoring, writes recommendations, manages gifted education, and does a lot more all while encouraging all students to take advantage of the multitude of opportunities available. Every morning at 7:45, she cheerfully opens up the EEE room, and having a conversation with her is a great way to start my day.

Person I admire and why:

My mother — her hard work and desire to improve herself is a quality that I greatly respect and try to apply to my daily life. She’s my best friend and has always been a huge role model to me.

What you do for fun:

In my free time, I practice piano, since I play piano competitively. I love playing Romantic-era piano music because it’s beautiful and expressive, but I also enjoy playing contemporary music because it’s just a lot of fun — there’s lots of dissonant chords, and I even got to fist smash the piano once. On weekends, I like to meet up with my friends downtown and get boba tea.

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