Ccna 1 Case Study

Page1of2CCNA 4 Case Stady Phase 1CCNA 3 Case Study v5.1 Phase 1: IPv4 & IPv6 ISP ConnectivityScenario The DeRosa Company has come to you for a redesign of their company’s network. Because of their expanding business operations, they want to upgrade their existing networking devices to support new security and redundancy features as well as IPv6. Configure the hostname on all devices per the diagram. Disable DNS based address. Add banners and interface descriptions as appropriate. IPv4 Connectivity 1) Design the internal IPv4 connectivity using the Private IPv4 address Configure an IPv4 address on RTA to the ISP using150.x.99.2523) Configure an IPv4 static defaultroute to the ISP. IPv6 Connectivity 4) Design internal IPv6 connectivity using the IPv6 address 2001:DB8:x::/485) Configure an IPv6 address on RTA to the ISP using a /1266) Configure an IPv6 static defaultroute to the ISP. Network Address Translation – Port Address Translation 1) Configure NAT-PAT on FW and specify the interface towards the ISP.

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