Klh Model 17 Dimensions Of Critical Thinking

"The KLH Seventeen costs $74,95 (1971). But, unfortunately, a lot of people feel they have to spend more to get really great speakers.   So they sink most of their budget into a pair of super-duper loudspeaker.  Then they try to save a few bucks by buying a soso receiver. Figuring they can always trade up later. But what happens is the inexpensive receiver chokes itself trying to drive inefficient, expensive loudspeakers. And that's usually enough to make most people lose interest in their stereo system. So they forget about trading up, down, or sideways and just let all that shiny new equipment collect dust. But we think we can satisfy people looking for high-priced sound. With our Seventeen. One reviewer even wrote "Its sound matches or surpasses most other speakers we have heard which sell for twice the price.' The Seventeen effortlessly produces rich, full-bodied bass response.  In fact only slightly less than our now-famous Model Six. The highs are clean and unfurry and they snap through the room with all the resonance and presence of the live performance itself.  And, most important, the Seventeen will do all this hooked to a relatively low-power receiver.  So, which would you rather have?  A moderately priced stereo system which delivers an extraordinary amount of sound?  Or an expensive pair of bookends?"

The Model Seventeen is an 8 ohms full range, two-way system consisting of 10" acoustic suspension woofer and a 1¾" direct radiator tweeter in a handsome, compact enclosure. Any high quality 12-watt-per-channel amplifier is sufficient to drive it, yet its power handling capability is such that any amplifier intended for home music reproduction may safely be used.  3-position switch permits increase or decrease of 2,5 dB in hi-frequency level for matching system to any acoustic environment.  Its audible smoothness and balance reflect its carefully integrated system.

It is housed in a ¾" furniture-grade vennered cabinet, completely sealed and filled with fibreglass.

Dimensions (W x H x D):  11¾" x 23⅛" x 9"

Weight:  30 lbs (shoping)

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