Kwame Katana Titles For Essays

[Verse 1: Kwame Katana]

It's this girl I've been digging these couple past months
She got me trippin' and really I only smash once
Not trying to get to close to happen in my past once
Damn, that day I wish I never went to grab lunch
I would of never met her, my heart I'll never let her in
I remember feeling like this but I vow never again
It's like I don't wanna commit, but don't want it never to end
And if she goes I'm scared I won't find anybody better than her
But she ain't tryna' hear that
She wanna go out and I don't want her to wear that
And when she's out man I'm wondering where at
See but the point is I'm not supposed to care black
I'm catching feelings as long as she not aware that
It's good money, we gon' keep everything, we're set
Ain't tryna' move forward, don't wanna stare back
A relationship I don't think I'm prepared for that

[Verse 2: Kwame Katana]

She always saying don't lie to me
Always lie to her, that shit bothers me
And she says out of her love I'm making a mockery
And I ain't living up to the dude she figured I would be
Well maybe this relationship shit is not for me
And she like Kwame, what are you tryna' hide from me
Always apologising, I don't want no fucking apology
I just want to be with you, but you just keep on stopping me
What you doing don't even make sense logically
You don't wanna commit, but then you treat me like your property
I don't wanna believe her
I don't wanna trust her
I don't wanna be with her man cos' I don't wanna suffer
Love kills, love hurts, love is pain
Love is not to be toyed with because love is not a game
Love is the reason why me and my brothers not the same
I don't really fuck with love, and for that I'm not ashamed

[Verse 3: Kwame Katana]

Why we gotta have titles?
We can't we just be young and live?
She said if I can't be witchu I don't wanna live
And I need a grown man boo, I don't wanna kiss
So are we together or not? Tell me which one it is
Damn. Then I'm stuck like always
Pleading to her like I know It's my fault babe
I'm heading to this life of money and menage a's
Telling myself I don't care if this broad stays
But I know in my heart I'll be hurt if we part ways
And she tryna' get me to change, no arcades
If she could see my eyes behind these dark shades
She would see the real emotion my soul portrays
But I'm not ready, and neither is she
But I don't want for her to not be here with me
You want artist fame nigga, well, see there a fee
A fee for being all, you likely to be alone

Да? - Меган внезапно насторожилась. Беккер достал из кармана бумажник. - Конечно, я буду счастлив тебе заплатить.

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