Happiness Essay Contest

The Way to Happiness helps young people steer clear of immorality through programs that enable them to develop a common sense moral compass.

As the motivation for numerous youth-based projects, The Way to Happiness gives young adults an active role in building responsibility, trust and decency.

A major thrust of The Way to Happiness Foundation is helping school-age children develop positive standards for right and wrong conduct—standards they can use to chart successful futures.

And while The Way to Happiness Foundation runs many Youth Poster and Youth Essay Contests, its largest is the Set a Good Example Contest, which has reached into more than 12,000 schools, contacting 12 million students.

Not only that, but the national Set a Good Example Contest has also been applauded sixteen times in the US Congressional Record.


This is a contest where everyone wins. Children and students in four age groups (5–8, 9–11, 12–14 and 15–17) can win Olympic-style medals, cash and other awards.

Judges choose national, regional, state and city winners using a point system based on the contest rules.

Regional, state and city winners are then eligible to enter a new project in the National Competition held the following year.

  1. Each student entering the contest is given a copy of The Way to Happiness book, available in 114 languages.
  2. Students are required to read The Way to Happiness book, then do a project based on one or more guidelines from the book.
  3. Students submit a written report (700 words or less) on what was done, why it set a good example for others and why it should win.
  4. Judges give extra credit if the report includes video, photos, artwork, newspaper clippings, letters or statements from others who witnessed the example set by the student.
  5. Judges review every entry to select national, regional or city winners. (This is the only contest where every entry setting a good example and submitting a report wins an award of some kind!)
  6. Corporate, government and individual sponsorship provide the funds and in many cases the prizes to be awarded. Corporate sponsors and supporters have included:
  7. IBM

Projects can be anything that forward the common sense moral values found in The Way to Happiness book. Some entrants have done neighborhood, park or beach cleanup campaigns. Others have organized and distributed copies of The Way to Happiness in their communities.

Some community actions have promoted such values as honesty, tolerance, hard work, competence, respecting the religious beliefs of others, taking care of the environment, or being industrious.

Contact us to find out how to implement the Set a Good Example Contest in your school or community.

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Essay writers contest 2017

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