Bf4 Multi Talent Assignment Wont Unlocked

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The Galil ACE is an assault rifle developed by Israel Weapon Industries (IWI) and manufactured by IWI and also FAMAE and Indumil. The ACE family assault rifles are based upon the reliable mechanism of the famous Galil assault rifle.

The ACE 23 is the primary Assault rifle variant of the family, chambering 5.56 x 45mm NATO like the ACE 22 and ACE 21, but sporting a barrel length of 460mm.

Battlefield 4Edit

ACE 23

Inventory slot

Primary weapon


Fully automatic

Ammunition type

5.56x45mm NATO

Starting ammunition

144 + 36 rounds

252 + 36 (AMMO specialization)

Reload time

2.3 seconds (loaded)
3.4 seconds (empty)

620 m/s
350 m/s (suppressed)



0.17 0.27
First shot multiplierDecrease per second



3 hip, 2.5 crouch, 2 prone (static)
3.5 hip, 3 crouch, 2.5 prone (moving)

0.2 (static)
1 (moving)

Increase per bullet

Decrease per second



The ACE 23 is an Assault rifle featured in Battlefield 4.

Singleplayer Edit

Multiplayer Edit

The ACE 23 is available to the Assault kit upon completing the Assault Expert gold tier assignment. This weapon is arguably one of the most versatile assault rifles in the game, and along with its little brother, the ACE 21 CQB, easily one of the most popular.

Having a fire rate of 770 RPM, it is capable of effectively competing in close quarters. This weapon is also suited well for mid-range engagements, due to its easy to control recoil pattern. Controlled bursts at longer ranges are recommended to help maintain accuracy. The weapon is balanced compared to other Assault Rifles by having an above average reload time when empty.

It is rather similar to the M416, having a larger magazine, slightly higher fire rate, and a slightly higher muzzle velocity, although the M416 has a faster reload, is slightly more controllable, and has a lower spread increase per shot.

By obtaining kills with the ACE 23, the player unlocks Chinese attachments, while the US and Russian variants can only be unlocked through Battlepacks.

The addition of stability-enhancing attachments such as the Muzzle Brake coupled with the Stubby Grip or using the Angled Grip with a Heavy Barrel greatly extend the weapon's already decent effectiveness beyond close and mid-ranges even further. Notably, the ACE 23 cannot equip any underbarrel attachments.

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  • The length of the ACE 23's barrel in its menu icon is significantly shorter than its in-game appearance, more closely resembling the barrel length ACE 22 as opposed to the ACE 23.

The MTAR-21 is a fan favorite weapon that was brought back from Battlefield 3 with the China Rising DLC in Battlefield 4. Given its high rate of fire, people have always enjoyed using it. Well, not so fast. Before you can unlock this gun, there are several things you must do.

By gaining access to the China Rising DLC and reaching a rank of 10, you will unlock the Multi Talent assignment. Notice we didn't say complete? Those are the requirements just to try and complete it.

Once the assignment is open, here's what you need to do.

  • Get a kill with a Sniper Rifle in a round
  • Get a kill with an Assault Rifle in a round
  • Get a kill with an LMG in a round
  • Get a kill with a hand grenade in a round

It should be noted that all of these must be completed in the same round. However, it does not have to be on a China Rising map.

To see how we unlocked this weapon, be sure to check out our video below.

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