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EVIT really help you start your career and it really prepares you for it as well. There are many programs available for anyone with the interest in those programs. Every program will make every student succeed.
The staff is very nice and they seem to actually care about the students and their future. I've loved going here, it's the best decision I have ever made. This is my second year at EVIT and due to the fact that I had to switch programs (personal reasons, nothing to do with the school) I can say that both campuses are amazing. I do remember, when I was at the East campus, that the main campus wouldn't turn on the air condition for the East campus, that was miserable especially being in a large class. Unfortunately the program that I used to be in had only one teacher last year and there were 80+ students. This created many problems and it was hard on not only the students but very hard on the teacher as well. Overall this is an amazing school and I would recommend it to anyone.
Safety of students is of uppermost importance to the staff. They take extraordinary measures to prevent and deter any possible threats or harmful events that may occur. They focus on students comfort and do not take any sort of threat lightly.
The opportunity to attend this school has been a tremendous pleasure. The amount of knowledge and care is uncanny to any school within hundreds of miles. The opportunity to excel and exceed are numerous and every student is driven and determined to do so. The staff is experienced and talented, the insight they gift their students is truly remarkable.
When i think of the EVIT staff I think of a family. Everyone is aspiring to make everyone around them better people as well as better students. The staff is constantly involving students in activities and events and often compels them to push their knowledge and skills to the limit. There is never a dull moment, and the teachers share their experiences and insight and expand their students minds on a daily basis.
Unlike a regular high school, this school is preparing us for the future career path we will walk down. The staff and teachers encourage us to the best of our ability to apply for the right colleges and prepare us for what is next after we are done at this school. EVIT is a great school for making friends that can really relate in all ways, and I would choose this school again because at this school I love to learn what I am doing because I have a passion in it and I am excited to see what is next every day I walk through the door.
EVIT offers a lot of classes/programs. To name a few: Fashion Design, Interior Design, Textiles, Law Enforcement, Fire Fighting, Cosmetology, Nursing, Medical assistance, Anatomy, Dentistry, Culinary, Radio, Robotics, Photography and much more! These programs are fun and educational and the students that attend usually have an idea of where they want their future going. Each program is beneficial and there is always something to be learned everyday. The workload in each program is manageable since we attend the school for 2 hours and 30 minutes, we have plenty of time to learn a lot and get a lot done. The most popular class at EVIT is cosmetology which is a fantastic program that everyone loves because of how educational the curriculum is and the benefits for taking this class (internship opportunities).
I always feel safe here. The staff is always there when we need them and assure our safety while on campus and leaving campus. The health department for our school is very helpful, because there is a whole building were kids go to learn how to become a medical assistant there are plenty staff there that help us out and attend to our needs as well. Students for the most part express assistance whenever someone needs help.
Because this school is focused on different career choices, the students that attend are determined and headstrong. The students here want to be in school and are there for a purpose. The extracurricular activities when they are available are most definitely interactive, fun, and exiting, especially when the staff is there having the time of their life with us. Usually the after school activities are for specific career choices and classes such as cosmetology, this where they stay an hour after school and learn more about how to cut hair and style it (which is a continuation of a lesson), or like fashion, where we put on fashion shows for the public to attend and design the outfits there at EVIT.
EVIT can really prepare you for college or the career of your choosing. The instructors are great and they really care about the success of each individual student. I would recommend this school to anyone!
This school is known locally for putting out great students, so when looking for a job in the field you went for having EVIT on your resume counts for a lot. If you apply yourself here you are almost guaranteed a job in that field.
There is a zero tolerance policy on bullying and there really isn't any bullying that i have seen or heard of. I feel very safe at this school and have never had to worry about anything happening there.
My teacher from last year was extremely nice and fun, but also brought structure when it was necessary. So far my teacher this year is even better, he is upbeat and keeps continuous work flowing.
I love EVIT with all my heart. Last year I made many friends and had fun in class every day. I'm considering coming back next year as an adult, since it is free until I am 21.
The technology is always kept up-to-date so students are working with "real world" resources. The busing is great considering how many schools feed into EVIT. Depending on where the home high school is, the bus ride can be short or long.
I have no qualms with how EVIT is run. I have never seen any instance of bullying anywhere. Dress code isn't strict, unless your class requires a uniform. I love how attendance works, there is a 9 absence maximum per semester. However, there are two make up days at the end of the semester allowing you to stay within the limit.
This school is extremely accepting. The cosmetology program has several boys and everyone supports it. EVIT even has special recognition for students who atypical, such as a girl in firefighting or a boy in fashion design.
The teachers at EVIT are professionals in their field. They really care about the students and their passion shows, I have learned a lot about graphic design.

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