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I’ve been creating a lot of resources for a fractions unit in Year 7 over the last month or so. I think they’re just about finished now, so I thought I’d share them.

Part 1: Shading Fractions

3 tiers of difficulty (Sup = supported, Med = Medium, Higher = Higher…duh!).

Fraction Shading_Sup 2

Fraction Shading_Med 2

Shading Fractions Higher 2

I tried to write these in such a way that the visualisation of fractions as a proportion rather than a literal size comes across.

Part 2: Equivalent Fractions

Again, emphasis on pictoral representation initally, with visually challenging versions of fractions for higher groups. Abstract examples also include algebra – which incidentally I feel should be generally integrated into all topics rather than completely stand alone.

fraction ordering H 2

fraction ordering Med 2

fraction ordering Sup 2

Part 3: Equivalent Fractions

I only made one worksheet for this, as it’s diferentiated within the questions (columned tiers of difficulty). Similar to the first 2 sections, starting with an emphasis on pictoral representation, switching to abstract, switching to algebra.

Equivalent Fractions_H 2

Part 4: Adding / Subtracting Fractions

Adding Fractions_H 2

Adding Fractions_Int 2

Adding Fractions_Sup 2

Adding and Subtracting Fractions

3 tiers of worksheet, followed by a different sheet altogether that differentiates through columns of increasing difficulty. Bar modelling of sorts is used for pictoral introductions.

Part 5: Multiplying Fractions

2 sets of near identical tiered worksheet. One version uses bar models in one style, the other uses a perhaps more favourable ‘area’ style version. (see below for examples)

Multiplying Fractions_Higher

Multiplying Fractions_Int

Multiplying Fractions_Lower

(Above is one way of multiplying using bar-style representation)

Multiplying Fractions_Lower_ALT

Multiplying Fractions_Int_ALT

Multiplying Fractions_Higher_ALT

(Above is the second style that I think is maybe more intuitive?)

Part 6: Dividing Fractions

Dividing With Fractions_Int

Dividing With Fractions_Sup

Just two versions this time. I suspect the intermediate version will be sufficiently difficult for higher groups if you lead which questions they attempt, rather than go linear start to end.

Part 7: Fractions of Amounts

Fractions of Amounts_Sup

Fractions of Amounts_Med

Again just two versions for the same reason as before.

Part 8: Extras

I didn’t make these, but they’re useful:

Number Line by Paula Krieg:

Fraction Strips Templates

Interactive Fraction Strip Tool:

My ‘Complements’ post about fractions

Enjoy ­čśÇ

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